About Us


Sometimes  we go through life in a state of sleep monotonously repeating our actions day in and day out. We forget that life is about growing, enjoyment and success. Internally we know that something must change in our lives to live a life of greater meaning and value. We need something that can wake us up, a friendly punch that jolts our sleeping soul to a life of greater fulfillment, joy and ecstacy. Self Help Punch is all about providing you with books that can deliver this punch. Books that will inspire you, motivate you, impart special skills that you need to improve your life and leave you with a more robust personality capable of handling everyday challenges with greater confidence, zeal and ease. We want to provide you with books that can help create a compelling future, help turn your dreams into reality and aid  your growth in every sphere of life be it material or spiritual. It is habitual to look for help outside in other people but we believe that you are the  best person who can help your growth and hence this online bookstore completely dedicated to self help books. Apart from these we found it apt to include books on Health and Fitness and Cooking as you can use these to help yourself as well.